Driver 精鋼迷你磨豆機

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手沖咖啡自由組合 最多10%折扣優惠

台灣設計 / 台灣製造




  • 【極簡造型,低調奢華】-採用高端的原木素材,讓每只磨豆機都是獨一無二的原木紋理
  • 【完美比例,好攜帶】-可拆式把手與握感極佳的輕巧機身,收納方便外出無負擔
  • 【粗細可調,不設限】-採多段式刻度調整,各式沖煮器材皆可適用
  • 【精品咖啡的好幫手】-五軸CNC精製之特級切削專用不銹鋼刀盤,堅固耐用即使淺焙豆子也能得心應手
  • 【研磨均勻度提升】-專利軸承機件設計,減少研磨時產生刻度跳動狀況
  • SGS檢驗合格】-經SGS檢驗合格,無重金屬、陶瓷磨刀粉末細削等有害物質
  • 【台灣製造】-100%台灣製造,零件齊全,品質掛保證

Product Description:

The greatest enjoyment of operating a manual grinder are incessant whiffs of dry aroma,
revealing a multi-layered original bean flavor. Happiness is nothing less than this.

  • 【Minimalist design and unassuming luxury】- Made of high-end log, each grinder features unique texture.
  • 【Perfectly-proportioned and easy to carry】- The detachable handle and easy-to-hold compact body ensures great portability. 
  • 【Adjustable thickness without limits】- Multi-segment scale suits all types of coffee-making utensils.
  • 【A good help for specialty coffee】- Specially manufactured by five-axle CNC, the solid and durable stainless-steel cutter head makes it easy to process even the lightly-baked beans.
  • 【Grinding eveness UP UP】- Patented bearings reduce scale fluctuations in the grinding process.
  • SGS-certified, free of such harmful substances as heavy metals, ceramic grinding powder and dust.
  • 100% made in Taiwan with full parts and grunted quality.

    規格 / Specification:

    • 品牌 / Brand: Driver
    • 特性 / Function: 咖啡手磨 / Coffee Grinder
    • 原產地 / Origin: 台灣 / Taiwan
    • 尺寸 / Size: 磨豆機-直徑4.5cm x 高12.5cm, 把手長度-10.3cm
    • 重量 / Weight: 約195g
    • 物料 / Material: 握柄-SUS304不銹鋼.橡膠木、機身外殼-PP.橡膠木.矽膠、機芯-SUS304不銹鋼
    • 容量 / Capacity: 15g
    • 包裝 / Packaging: 原裝紙盒 / Original Box



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